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Commit To Win: How To Harness the 4 Elements of Commitment to Reach Your Goals

Anyone who’s ever given up on a New Year’s resolution knows: Willpower eventually runs out. Whether the goal is personal or professional, the factor that really determines success is an individual’s commitment level. Showing how to harness the evidence-based elements of commitment, this talk gives everyone the tools to stop wishing and start achieving.

Developing and Delivering Great Presentations

It’s among our top fears – public speaking. So how do you develop and present a speech, report, or short talk that engages and informs the audience while still keeping your wits about you? In this course you will learn the latest perspectives and strategies for presenting with confidence, connecting with your audience and most importantly, making an impact.

Elevated Listening

Listening is one of the most powerful tools you have, and if you elevate your listening even a little, it will pay off in your relationships, decision-making, and even self-confidence. Through high-energy activities, you will never look at listening the same way again.

Leading the Team

The purpose of this workshop is to develop the perspectives and practices that form the foundation of working well with and through others. Key aspects of strong team leadership are developed, including trust, clear communication, and accountability.

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Thank you for the training today on redirective feedback. Here’s an example of how your training is already making a difference. After your training I met with a Service-Learning Community Partner. She talked about a few communication challenges she is having with students. I offered her a copy of the "60 second opening statement" and she started thinking out loud about how she could use it right away. Hooray! Thank you again. I always enjoy and learn from your presentation style and methods. You rock!

Kara Brascia, Director, Service Learning Program, Boise State University

Heidi's presentation at yesterday's American Society for Training and Development meetings was engaging, informative, dynamic and insightful! Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.

Jana Kemp, author of 7 books in 7 languages www.JanaKemp.com

I just met with another friend who attended one of your recent presentations and we both agreed we are signing up to hear YOU because you have more details of interest to our job functions, plus learning from you is entertainment. Sort of like the sugar with the medicine. I hope you know how you bless your audience.

Anita Castillo, Administrative Assistant - Student Services & Academic Advising (SSAA), College of Health Sciences, Boise State University

I just wanted to take a few minutes to send you a thank you note for the address you gave. The three points were simple yet useful to create some quick actionable steps to be "All In." For me, it was timely and relevant from both a professional and personal perspective. It is gratifying to know that Boise State is offering such quality in the professor ranks with folks like yourself.

Dwight Berreth, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Dr. Heidi Reeder did an outstanding job as the keynote speaker at a recent employee recognition luncheon! I met with Heidi for an initial consultation about two months prior to our event, and one additional brief meeting just prior to the event. Based on those exchanges, I left both meetings with full confidence in Heidi’s understanding of what I was looking for, as well as her capabilities in delivering a good final product to our team. And Heidi delivered in SPADES! Her presentation to the staff was professional, informative, interesting, empowering, and spot-on to the topics we had discussed. Heidi’s delivery was polished, engaging, real, relatable and humorous. I received many compliments about Heidi’s presentation from the employees. Given the positive experience with Heidi, I am currently making arrangements with her for another presentation because I know she will deliver a high quality presentation. Thanks Heidi and looking forward to working with you again soon!

Ellen Wells / HR

Heidi’s energy, passion, and commitment to the Communication field are evident in the quality of the sessions she provides. Everyone raves about her sessions – her information is timely, pertinent, and impactful. People learn in a safe, comfortable, and engaging environment. Her teaching effectiveness is evidenced by positive evaluations and feedback from participants, as well as ongoing demand for her programs.

Jerri Mizrahi, Employee Learning & Organizational Development Manager

Over the years, Heidi’s insight, experience, academic prowess and prominence as a national expert in communication has gone far in integrating the Boise State brand on a global stage. Whether it’s a photo of her on the cover of Focus on Boise State magazine, as a faculty member with a significant presence in social media, or as a media-savvy expert and author who brilliantly handles live media opportunities – Heidi provides a window into the academic strength of this university, and she exemplifies the faculty leadership and mindset that inspires and propels our students to succeed.

Melinda O’Malley Keckler, Assistant Director of Marketing

You were awesome. We have had so many positive comments that this is one of the best opening ceremonies. Thank you so much for your time and wonderful presentation!

Bonnie Fogdall, Business Operations Manager